Will a Republican (yes) or a Democrat (no) win in 2016?

  • People have had enough of the democrats madness......

    Yes....Yes.... It's going to be a republican. I know it. Obama's presidency has left a bad image on the democrats. Because of this, the Republican Party will take the White House 2016 with the canidates we have. That's all I have to say for it. Nothing more, and nothing less.

  • Democrats will win.

    In Today's society, it is more democratic based. With all of the issues and current events, we need a democrat to win the election in 2016 and I think that democrats will continue to win and take Obama's place. Republicans arent nearly as supported as they used to be and will not win.

  • The democrats will win

    In the 2016 presidential election I predict that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey will win the republican nomination. There are several reasons why I think his. One being that he is a very moderate republican leaning close to an independent. Because of this undecided voters will be more likely to vote for him. Also in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast he invited President Obama to his state. This showed bravery that he is not afraid to cross party lines and that his citizens are more important than his party. Also on the matter of Hurricane Sandy Chris Christie did so much to help New Jersey recover. I think this might help him when over some usually democratic states in the Mid-Atlantic region such as New Jersey and turn them red in the election. If Governor Christie does win the nomination I believe that he should choose someone like llanea Ros-Lenthinen. She is a republican congresswoman from Florida who shares Christie’s political views. Lenthinen has served as both a congresswoman and senator in the past 30 years and has much experience in handling the senate. She also served on the House Committee of foreign affairs which would give her good knowledge on foreign policy. It would also be a good battle strategy to run with Lenthinen because she is a female which will persuade women to vote for her and she is also Hispanic which will persuade the large Hispanic population in America to vote for her and Christie.
    On the democratic ticket it is widely believed that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential nomination. She is a former first lady, a best selling author, former New York senator, and a former us Secretary of State. She also has a law degree from Yale. By running fro president Clinton has a good chance at getting women to vote for her, as she would be the first female president. If Hillary Clinton were to run the real question is: who will she choose as her running mate. I believe that she should choose someone like Martin O’Malley the Maryland governor. These two politicians share many political views including they support same sex marriage. In fact O’Malley legalized gay marriage in Maryland. O’Malley has also had several other great accomplishments such as during his presidency crime in Maryland dropped by 40%. Imagine how well he could control crime on a national level.
    If I'm correct about the 2016 election then it will surely be a close race.

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