Will a slowing Chinese economy effect financial interest in the United States?

  • Yes, a slowing Chinese economy will affect financial interests in the United States.

    As any analyst with half a brain knows, the world is more economically interconnected than ever before, and that the primary result of this situation is that changes in one national economy have consequences throughout the globe. This is perhaps nowhere more true than in the relationship between the US and China. This is even more true as many US retailers, frustrated by stunted consumer spending in China, have sought to find additional outlets for their products in the huge Chinese market.

  • If China is in trouble, so are we.

    Without a doubt that the United States relies heavily upon the financial success and availability in China. Not only do we buy and resell their products, we are partners with them in the economic and business realm and any financial burden they may be facing will surely be felt by the US economy even in a lighter fashion.

  • Well of course

    China does a lot of things with the United States, which is completely disagreeable. I am kind of hoping it will slow the interest so that we can bring more jobs here and keep the money here in the states. That would create more jobs, and we won't be supporting child labor and aweful working conditions in China

  • Chinese market will stay strong

    Growth has slowed down or stabilized now as the boom days are no longer around, but could reappear. Currently companies want to invest in China, in manufacturing and also offices as they know China will be the future and it's best to have a base there to operate from. China is also a good base for Asian markets in general and makes logistical sense to invest in the area.

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