Will a tighter defense allow the Chicago Bulls to start winning the type of close games they have been losing lately?

  • One missing piece

    The Chicago Bulls perform well in almost all aspects of the game. They put forth efforts that keep them in contention with almost any team but when a close game goes down to the wire they often lose. A tight defense is the missing piece of the equation. They need to focus on stopping the other team and games will start to go their way.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    A tighter defense will definitely help the Bulls win more games. Teams that lose a lot of close games usually are not very good on defense. The Bulls are giving up too many points at the end of games and this is why they are losing. While offense puts fans in the seats, defense wins championships.

  • Yes, they need to challenge the other team

    At the moment, Chicago Bulls are lacking a tight defense and if its fixed, it will allow them to challenge the other teams. If their defense is strong, they can attack fiercely without any worries but right now, the Bulls players seem a bit uptight and hesitate to make any daring moves.

  • No, a tighter defense will not change the Chicago Bulls play-style and allow them to win.

    Thing is, Chicago Bulls can tighten their defense all they want but close games that they have been losing lately is not because of having less men on the defense but because the Chicago Bulls are not fully utilizing what they already have. Such close games can be countered with a tighter defense but staying ahead in the game by using tactics uncalled for is more important.

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