• Aaron Paul app

    Yes I do think that Aaron Paul's app will definitely be successful. Speaking from experience on watching the tv show titled Breaking Bad I can say that it is one of the best shows ever invented. Many people would say the same and one of reasons is because of the character of Jesse.

  • Yes, I think it will.

    Yes, I think that Aaron Paul's Yo B*tch app will be successful because it is an app about something a lot of young people in todays generation have been waiting for. Even though I know parents will try to put restrictions I think it will become largely popular which is fine.

  • I'm in, Bitch!

    Aaron Paul's "Yo Bitch" app is getting plenty of press and will likely be very successful. Juding by the internet interest in "Breaking Bad" spinoff "Better Call Saul", people are still hungry for more "Bad" content. Aaron Paul's character was a loveable breakout star and people do not mind downloading nonsense onto their phone for a little entertainment.

  • Aaron Paul's "Yo B*tch" app will be a success.

    Even though it has been sometime since "Breaking Bad" ended it's run on TV, people still love the show. This phrase has become somewhat iconic and that fact that fans still ask Paul to repeat it when they meet him, just proves it. It is good fun for all fans of the show!

  • Yo B*tch is not a very promising name.

    That is a name that is disrespectful to anyone and everyone who could even happen upon it on the app store. If someone were to send a HEY B*TCH to me I wouldn't be to appreciative. It's just rude. This sounds like a half-baked idea that just happened to have an investor. A disgrace to my generation!!!

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