Will Abbas be able to negotiate a state for Palestine?

  • Abbas be able to negotiate

    Abbas will be able to negotiate a state for Palestine and when they do things will start to change for the country in a better way. I hope that they continue to keep and open mind and work towards a peacful agreement one that willl work for everyone past present and future.

  • I Believe It Is Possible

    With ongoing negotiations I believe there is a possibility that a Palestinian state could be set up. I think this will only be a possibility if Abbas is willing to actually negotiate and accept other terms deemed important by Israel. They have come close before and I think another opportunity is approaching for them.

  • No, Abbas Will not be able to Negotiate a State for Palestine

    Abbas will not be able to negotiate a state for Palestine until he recognizes Israel as its own -nation-state for Jewish people, and that is extremely unlikely that this will happen at this time. In additon, Palestine wants to make East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine and it is unlikely that Israel will ever agree to this.

  • They should not have a state.

    No, Abbas will not be able to negotiate a state for Palestine, because Israel is correct in disallowing a state for Palestine. Palestine will never be happy until they push Israel into the sea. Israel is correct to be defiant to Abbas as well as to anyone else who suggests giving an inch, because Palestine will take a mile.

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