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  • Stitchers will fail

    There has been no social media buzz about this show and, as such, it is unlikely to attract a larger audience. It is not doing too well on IMDB ratings. Additionally, the competition is fierce, as ABC and other networks must struggle to compete with popular original programming such as those shows appearing on Netflix, Amazon, and other providers of streaming content. In sum, Stitchers will be an uphill climb for ABC.

  • I do not believe the ABC Family's new show Stitchers will be successful.

    I don't believe that Stitchers will be successful because ABC Family did not properly advertise for the show and a buzz was not created to spark interest. I did not see any commercials promoting the program until a week before its premiere and the commercials do not paint a clear picture of what the shows plot will be about.

  • Stitchers will not be a succesful new show.

    Stitchers will not do well. There are tons of crime television series available, and this new show has an unoriginal twist that doesn't sit well with viewers. Stitchers has only been on the air for two days and has already warranted bad reviews from more than one critic. We really don't need another sci-fi fantasy crime show.

  • Stitchers Will Not Be Successful

    Stitchers will not be successful because of its absolutely ludicrous premise. It just doesn't make any sense at all! It's a nonsensical mashup of "Law and Order" and "X-Files" with plenty of unintentional comedy thrown in. Is it supposed to be a comedy? A sci-fi? A crime drama? The only way this show will succeed is to chose one and stick with it.

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