• No I don't think so

    Paparazzi can really annoy celebrities and will do anything for the "perfect" shot. It is because of this reason that paparazzi do get assaulted or attacked by many celebrities. I also think it is pointless that people need constant updates on what celebrities are dating which celebrities or which celebs got married or divorced.

  • Yes, I think Sam Worthington will go to jail.

    Sam Worthington will go to jail for punching a photographer. I think there is enough evidence for him to got jail for battery. And as far as I know, the photographer has not decided what he wants to do regarding the case. If the photographer chooses to, Sam Worthington will go to jail despite being an actor.

  • Yes, he should go to jail

    You can't hit another person, that just law. The fact is if any other person punched a photographer, they would end up in jail, so why should he have the chance to go free? The general public is no different from the world of fame, they should be treated just like the rest of us.

  • He broke the law.

    Yes, actor Sam Worthington will go to jail for punching a photographer, because he broke the law and he did a lot of damage. What Worthington did was not provoked legally, and Worthington was not acting in self-defense. Worthington should pay a fair price for his crime, and that should include self defense.

  • Abuse: Australian for UNACCEPTABLE

    Given the fact that it has been established that the paparazzo in question actually kicked Worthington's significant other before getting an Aussie Warning, I'd say it was 'fair dinkum'. Most celebrities face lighter punishments because the public’s sympathy is greater towards them and judges would rather not be known as ‘the guy that put the AVATAR star in jail’. Worthington may admit to overreacting (a little) and apologize and make some form of atonement, but as far as really doing time at all, I hardly think that’s a possibility. Even if his lady hadn’t been assaulted before the punch was served, it is a well-established fact that paparazzo are known for being aggressive and confrontational which automatically puts a person (especially a person as sensitive as an artist like an actor) on the defensive. Worthington might’ve done better to shove the guy or press charges, but as far as facing any hard punishment, I think he’s probably landed a pretty good role as a decent guy and not a vicious bully.

  • Sam Worthington will not go to jail for punching a photographer.

    Sam Worthington will not go to jail for punching a photographer. News sources are reporting that the photographer instigated the attack after kicking Sam Worthington's girlfriend. Both the photographer and Sam Worthington were arrested and given tickets, but ultimately it is doubtful that Sam Worthington will go to jail because he was acting in defense of his girlfriend and did not provoke the attack.

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