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  • No: Addiction Treatment Under New Health Care Laws Won't Be Effective

    Addiction is the result of a sick society with deep trauma, an expanding socio-economic divide, and a soul crushing corporate model that damages the psyches of even the middle class and wealthy. The problems will not be fixed with new treatment plans, because addicts have such a difficult time in recovery as it is. The deeper social dynamics are what must be addressed.

  • It Is Doubtful

    As it stands now, I do not believe addiction treatment under the new health care law will be effective. Many people who are addicted are stuck in states where Medicaid expansion was denied. These addicts will still be denied health care services because they also fall under the poverty line and they still won't be able to obtain health care. The problem will continue until Medicaid expansion is approved in every state.

  • Addiction treatment is not always effective independent of any legislation.

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires services for substance abuse to be provided for by all insurance plans. Just providing access to programs doesn't ensure those programs will be effective. Too many variables are involved in stopping addictive behavior for any single piece of legislation to solve that problem. It is also still not clear how expensive it will be to implement substance abuse plans in the first place.

  • We can't fix people.

    No, addiction treatment will not be effective under the new health care law, because addiction is too complicated to be a simple thing. Addiction treatment is a hard thing to do. The vast majority of addicts never recover. We are not going to solve this problem by throwing money at it.

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