Will AI still be controlled by humanity in the future when they're smarter than us?

Asked by: LordofTomatoes
  • Robot is just intelligent withought a soul

    A.I is still smarter then us they learn themselves. But the learning skills is only one of our program. So even thouugh they have enough intelligence they do not know what to do themsleves so they still must rely on humanity to learn more and do work and that is also one of our programing. ALso if they are smarter and want to delete us it is simple we just nedd to power it off.

  • Dependency Upon Internet of Things

    Our life becomes more and more dependent upon technology each day. In some households (and probably more in the future), washing machines, door bells, cars, and even stoves are hooked up to the internet. Computers are already smarter than humans in the way that they are able to store and efficiently access more information than humans can. AIs are currently not perfect, but the closer they come to perfection, the scarier they become. To give sentience to an AI would be a huge mistake. AIs are capable of reprogramming their own code. When our lives are already so controlled by our technology, we would definitely lose autonomy if AI gained control of all of those things and was allowed sentience. We would no longer be in control.

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