• Yes, alternative perspectives will help Americans become more world-wise and culturally accepting.

    Al-Jazeera America will help Americans to see world news from a new perspective. Al-Jazeera, despite its Middle Eastern sounding name, is one of the top reporters of world news outside of the U.S., and because it has not been incorporated into the American media most Americans do not respect its reporting. Implementing an American branch of Al-Jazeera can only improve upon this situation, and can hopefully provide more Americans with a truly balanced and objective media outlet.

  • The more news outlets the better.

    Yes, Al-Jazeera America will be good for world news. The more varying opinions that are accessible to the masses, the better informed everyone will be and the better communication and discourse can take place. It is from shutting oneself off from news sources that one can form inaccurate opinions as to what another group's intentions are. Even if one is an enemy, it is valuable to know those thoughts.

  • Different news outlets promote valuable discussion.

    News reporting can differ dramatically in between sources, depending on the inherent biases present. With a new source for news like Al-Jazeera America, U.S. citizens will be presented with a new viewpoint that may differ from what they have traditionally seen in the media. By giving these different options to the public, AJA is giving the nation a chance to open up new dialogues and consider new points of view. While the news on AJA might be presented in a different way than usual, it can be used as a teaching tool and a way for Americans to get a more global perspective.

  • How could it be bad?

    There are two ways to look at consuming news. One house of thought says that you should consume it only from a single trusted source. Of course the problem with this idea is that if that source is biased or misleading, you would never know.

    The other house of thought says that you should get your news from a multitude of sources. AJA would just simply be another perspective of world events.

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