• Only time will tell.

    When it comes to sports we can not predict the future, we can only guesstimate as to the outcome. So let us just sit and watch as the games unfold. A lot of times teams can surprise you and take it all. These kinds of contemplation are a waste of time and take away from the enjoyment of the sport.

  • Albania might not win a game in the Euro Cup

    So far in the 2016 Euro Championship Albania hasn't won a single game. The teams Albania played so far though, are very good teams, so it is to no surprise or shame. Losing to France by two points is still not as crushing as Argentina is crushing its' oppenents in the championship. The next game Albania has is with Romania, perhaps they will win, perhaps not.

  • No, they won't beat Romania.

    Albania has one more game, against Romania, and it probably won't win. The best result I can see for Albania is a draw. Romania had a draw against Switzerland and only lost by one goal against France, while Albania lost to Switzerland by one goal and lost to France by two goals. While there is a lot of variance in sports, this is a pretty good indication that Romania is a better team than Albania.

  • No. Romania are too strong for them

    Albania are definitely the minnows of the current Euro 2016 soccer championship and it shows. They've already lost their first two games and only have one game left to play against Romania. I would argue that Romania are too good a side for Albania to beat them. They have a good pedigree of producing players who play throughout the better leagues in Europe unlike Albania and will be hungry to try and qualify from the group by beating Albania - still a mathematical possibility. Albania on the other hand have no chance of qualifying.

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