• All It Takes is A Good Lawyer And Money

    Will he win his appeal? Yes, he probably will because he has hired the attorney that won Ryan Braun's appeal. Should he win his appeal? Doping, whether a little, or a lot is still doping. And Alex didn't do a little doping, it is said that he was the " dirtiest" when it came to steroid abuse. Sadly money talks, and the guilty walk.

  • No, Alex Rodriguez will not win his appeal.

    No, Alex Rodriguez will not win his appeal. He already lost his appeal after a ruling by an arbitrator. He just needs to accept his 162 game suspension and hope that he can come back and play for another team in 2015. Suing the players union won't help his case either.

  • Alex Rodriguez will not win his appeal.

    Alex Rodriguez will not win his appeal because he is clearly guilty and the court will make an example of him. It is a tragedy that such a famous and high paid professional athlete had to resort to performance enhancing drugs. He made a mockery of our national past-time and he should pay a penalty.

  • No, he broke the rules.

    No, Alex Rodriguez will not win his appeal, because he broke the rules. There is overwhelming evidence against Rodriguez. He knew the rules and he chose not to follow them. There is scientific evidence. Also, Major League Baseball wants to make an example out of Rodriguez, because doping has gotten so out of hand.

  • He needs to know when to give up

    So he got his suspension knocked down to only 1 season of play. He needs to learn to shut up, and wait it out. All he's doing is alienating a whole group of people that might pay for merchandise. If he'd just accepted it and stopped fighting, he'd already be playing this spring! His fate is decided.

  • A-Rod is Done

    Alex Rodriguez should refund part of his salary to the New York Yankees and the team's fans. Despite having the highest payroll in Major League Baseball, the Yankees have underperformed in the postseason for all but a handful of years. The three straight World Series titles was great, but the Yanks have done nothing since then. A-Rod's appeal will flounder because even the player's association won't back him. A-Rod shouldn't be playing anymore anyway now that his career is tainted by steroids and the Yankees should be absolutely embarrassed by his behavior.

  • Alex Rodriguez Set to Lose Appeal

    Alex Rodriguez took performance enhancing drugs various times in his career, and he's not going to win his appeal. He will be suspended for an entire season no matter what happens. The arbitrator is looking at the facts, and the facts point toward Rodriguez being guilty of PED use and lying to Major League Baseball officials.

  • No way jose

    The Argument did he do alot doping or a little doping. That is where we are on this process right now. I hate A-Roid. Even though I am a Yankees Fan . I know that A-Rod is guilty. We all know that he is. It is just how long will his punishment be.

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