• Affordable Butler Service for the Working Class

    "Alfred" is a butler service starting at $99 per month. Alfred comes to your home once a month to tidy up, act as concierge, and can even partner up with other companies to get the grocery shopping done. A live-in butler is not an option for 99% of us, but Alfred may be a new, affordable option if you are not the prestigious 1%. Many people need an extra hour in the day to get things done and Alfred can give you just that. Alfred will be a hit with the 99% that need an extra hour in the day for an affordable price.

  • Alfred is a recognized name in the butler community.

    I think using the name Alfred for a butler service, which will remind people of the famous butler character from the Batman universe, would help the company succeed, at least at first. It'll give the company a sort of "brand recognition" that will draw people in, even if on an ironic note. Then it is up to the company to live up to the expectations and follow up with good reviews to keep the business coming in.

  • Yes, "Alfred", the cheap butler service will be a hit.

    Out of all the app launchers, "Alfred" is the easiest to use. With "Alfred", searching through contacts, itunes, system commands, etc. will be simplified. "Alfred" is a great tool for working parents with families. This app will help juggle things like grocery shopping, housecleaning and laundry. "Alfred" will have no problem becoming a hit when people realize how much this app helps them.

  • I do not think "Alfred" the cheap butler service will be a hit.

    From what I found on their social media pages, they have not promoted their business by posting anything since 2013, and have very few hits on their pages. While they do get some good reviews, they need to do more to put themselves out there more so people know about them.

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