• How can it not?

    We've been working on a vaccine and it would be stupid if there wasn't a vaccine within 6-12 months from now. If it is true that a vaccine is possible to make and we've been working on it ever since the virus started, Then we should be out by 2021.

  • Oke e e e

    I think there will be MORE restrictions after this. Covid-19 will just make more restrictions, And maybe 2021 will be the end of the world, And that 2020 was just the trailer for 2021? Maybe not, But let's all see, Because we aren't surviving 2020, Folks. Sorry to let you down.

  • Because it's a no!

    With all these certain people trying to avoid wearing the mask as they feel suffocated? With all these certain people who ignore the rules and regulation sets my the health management and expect things to get better. No. The rules will be more strict if this keeps on going and nothings change.

  • We Need Time!

    Science and finding solutions takes time. According to Dr. Fauci on a CBS news review, “we might get a vaccine by 2021, But it won’t be widely distributed until later next year. ” The W. H. O. Says that we might not have a widely distributed vaccine until 2022. Also, If we could get a change in government and elect someone such as Biden, He could restore funding to the CDC and W. H. O.

  • By 2021, No. In 2021, Most likely.

    I think a vaccine is still too far from rapid mass production and distribution (even if it's closer than ever now! ). I think some countries may be able to get most vaccines against the Coronavirus fast, But some states will still stretch into 2021 Winter-Spring, Maybe even Summer in some cases. I am pretty sure that most, If not all restrictions regarding COVID-19 will be lifted by 2021. I think 2020 is a bit too early, Though, And it's best for state authorities to be cautious for now.

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GuyIncognito1 says2020-09-25T08:10:31.670
They should be lifted now. They should not have existed in the first place.

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