Will allowing gay people to marry make our society stronger?

  • Yes it will.

    Allowing gay people will make our society stronger. The reason for this is that right now there is a great divide. People who are against it and people who are for it. The people who are wanting to get married are upset. If they can get married they will not be upset anymore. When people get along, society is stronger.

  • Yes it will.

    Allowing gay marriage to take place and fully be legal would make our society stronger. It would allow more citizens to feel like they are equal amoung their peers and no longer the odd man out. It will bring back faith in the country and restore faith to many people who are losing it.

  • Yes, marriage can strengthen society.

    There is a whole underground strata of society that has not been encouraged to look for and form lasting unions, and this is not very helpful to our culture as a whole. When gay men are encouraged to strengthen their unions with each other, then society will reap the benefits of stability.

  • Allowing gay people to marry will make our society stronger.

    Allowing gay people to marry will make our society stronger. This is because a society with more equality in privilidges for people is a stronger society. Allowing gay people will make equality in privilidges more balanced, and this would improve the situation in general, and not detract from anything at all.

  • Yes, allowing gay people to marry will benefit society.

    Yes, I believe that allowing gay people to get married would make our society stronger. Homosexual, married couples could also pay taxes and benefit from tax breaks that heterosexual couples share, and then would benefit society and the economy at the same time. We should also allow the right to marry to everyone in a free society which is beneficial.

  • Yes, allowing gay people to marry will make our country stronger.

    Gay marriage will provide couples who love each a chance to show their love in a government approved ceremony. Also, if gay marriage was allowed these people would have the same rights as married couples and they would be able to adopt needy children without question, be supportive spouses to their partners, and they would be able to focus their energy on becoming a better partner instead of struggling to obtain rights from local and federal governments as a legal partner of their spouse.

  • Yes

    Because no matter what adults see as wrong, children will see as just people in love. This kind of hate is taught not born into us. If people allow same sex couples to marry then it gets rid of a bunch of problems that divide our society, and with time no one will even care

  • Yes

    Allowing gay people to marry would eliminate a lot of the questions young children ask. Not allowing them to marry sends the message that gay marriage and therefore, gay people, are wrong and lesser beings and this is a mindset that will be passed on to children, causing homophobia and hate crimes and discrimination to continue to be a big issue in the future.

  • This is not a political issue!! It is an issue for the church!

    Destroying our traditional values cannot be considered good. For thousands of years Gays have lived without marriage - Why Now??? Why is so important for them to destroy our values. The Churches are against it and rightly so.
    Marriage's sole purpose is to provide a mother and father for kids - nothing else!!!! Do not forget that fact - it is not an opinion, it is fact!!!
    Kids need (must have) a mother and a father for a healthy upbringing - any other kind of upbringing will introduce all sorts of unhealthy mental attitudes and influences towards marriage and relationships with potentially other side effects.
    Also giving such publicity to this subject could and may well lead to normal kids experimenting which is unhealthy.
    Labor and the Greens are hoping to score points out of this with the Gays being used as pawns. It is simply not right that the political parties are using this as a vote winning exercise. It is not a matter for parliament anyway - it is not a political issue, it is more of a religious issue and certainly an emotional issue.
    Lastly I will say that I do feel sorry for people who are legitimately born with a desire to hate marriage with the opposite sex and I am also sure that many of the so called Gays are actually bi-sexual, it is a question of who do they meet first, the right man or the right woman.

  • No, absolutely not

    Marriage does not belong to the state. This is a fact. Marriage has been around for thousands of years, and will be for thousands more. The government has NO right to change its' status, and that status is between ONE man, and ONE woman. Once marriage becomes distorted, it becomes completely invalidated. Marriage is the act of Holy Matrimony of a couple before God. Gay "marriage" is in fact not marriage at all, it doesn't matter what laws you pass.

  • Gay marriage will neither make it stronger or weaker

    I believe that gay marriage will not either make society stronger or weaker. It will, however, make some happier while making other fairly upset. Marriage is a personal matter and should be kept as such. It is not the business of society whom one decides to marry. If society allowed people to keep their personal lives personal than society as a whole would be a lot stronger.

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