Will Alternative Energy Development Increase US Energy Independence and Security?

  • Alternative Energy Sources are America's Steps Forward

    I believe that much of the conflict in the world is over dwindling resources and excessive or ineffective "solutions". Much of America's products are made in different countries and that makes us reliant on those countries to sustain our lifestyles and luxuries. Finding an alternative source of energy development would help to sustain our energy requirements and keep our own productions going.

  • Yes, alternative energy development will increase US energy independence and security.

    As it stands, a majority of the US's energy comes from fossil fuels. The United States does not have an endless supply of fossil fuels and, thus, relies on fossil fuels from foreign powers. Solar energy is unlimited, and the US has ready access to it. So, if we learned to utilize it (along with other sources such as wind, geothermal, etc.) then we would become more energy independent, because we would not need the fossil fuels at the disposal of the foreign powers. And since we would not depend so heavily on the foreign powers, we would not be in as much trouble if the supply of fossil fuels was cut off by those foreign powers. Thus, developing alternative energy sources would make the United States more independent and secure.

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