• Yes it will. It might take a bit of time, but will eventually get it.

    Alzheimer's will definitely be cured. It's only been in the last couple of years that Alzheimer's has started receiving funding for research. There are already tablets to slow down the process and with Obama's $200 million investment and with technology and science advancing it will definitely be cured. I believe that within 10-15 years that there will definitely be a cure. Alzheimer's is finally receiving attention.

  • Alzheimers will be cured because of dedicated doctors, scientists and advocates!

    Alzheimers will be cured in the future due to the dedication of doctors, scientists and advocates. In particular, there is very promising research going on at the moment by Dr. Andres Lozano, the chair of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto who has pioneered the use of deep brain stimulation to treat many conditions. He gave a very hopeful Ted Talk very recently that can be viewed on: http://t.Co/vG8cnByPFc

  • Yes it will!

    It will be cured and or treatable soon. With Obama`s $200 million "brain mapping initiative" underway starting in 2014. Also there are many treatments on the horizon including deep brain stimulation, Neuronix, and there are alot of anti- amyloid/tau medications being developed. Also Dr. Donald Moss over at www.Brain-tools.Com has a possible treatment medication called "MSF". Just hope it happens much sooner than later! But we must find a cure/treatment!!!

  • Yes, Alzheimers will be cured

    Even the most "incurable" diseases in the world are slowly being eradicated thanks to the hard work. Polio, smallpox, the flu, all of these diseases must have seemed incurable to our ancestors. And yet, with modern science they have been effectively eradicated. Scientific advances into the pathology of Alzheimers has led to scientists being able to slow down the diseases effects, and it is only a matter of time before the effects can be reversed.

  • Yes, I believe Alzheimer's will be cured.

    I believe Alzheimer's will someday be cured, even though there now is no cure. Over the years there have been more and more disease-modifying drugs available, and many clinical trials are underway. We have come to understand the disease much more today than in the past. Since this disease is on the rise, I believe we will zealously pursue a cure and it will be found.

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