Will Amazon's show 'Transparent' really be the best show coming this fall?

  • When Family Secrets Come Out It's Always a Hit!

    I love the fact that this show takes on LA's elite society to see just how dirty and nitty gritty they really are. Even being wealthy cannot save you from some things. This should be an exciting dramatic show with lots to offer that will keep you left on the edge of your seat.

  • No, it won't.

    While I really like the cast and I think the premise is somewhat interesting, I don't think it will be the best show coming this fall. I think it may be a little too serious for most people to really get into especially when people see Jeffrey Tambor and expect a comedy like Arrested Development.

  • No, Transparent probably won't be the best show this fall.

    No, Amazon's show "Transparent" really won't be the best show coming this fall. Some people might have the opinion, after watching all the new fall shows that it is the best, but there will also be many people who disagree. The only way to objectively decide whether or not it is the best show it to compare its number of viewers with that of other shows, and compare how it declines/increases over the new season. Since the show will be exclusively on Amazon though, the metrics are skewed because not everyone has access to Amazon Prime. Therefore, there really isn't a good way to categorically say that it is the best new show.

  • No, Fox's Gotham looks promising.

    Transparent looks promising, but it is difficult for online-only shows to gather the ratings or buzz of mainstream television programs. Even Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards, both immensely popular shows only available on Netflix, still lack the reach of shows like Mad Men or Grey's Anatomy that aired on regular television.

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