Will America be better off without a president? No Donald Trump. No Hillary Clinton.

Asked by: Nexus77
  • People who seek power are dangerous for society anyways

    Even though anarchy seems like a far-fetched proposal and sure there'll be problems, you're better off living under freedom than be chained to someone who represents the majority or minority opinion. No one shall be in control of anything. It's essentially power to the individual. Isolating people from their own skin will save society from its own doom.

  • Democracy dose not work in America.

    There is no democracy in America.
    Potential Presidents and party's are given credence through sheer repetition in the media while party who are un-favoured by the richest 5% (who own the media among other things) are simply ignored or shunned in the media.

    Now of course corporate sponsorship is incredibly important when running for office and the 2 major partys running for office HAVE this sponsorship precisely because they hold the interests of the super elite at heart. So these partys never achieve real change because their true interests are so closely aligned.

    With such closely aligned goals, they need quite meaningless topics to disagree on to give the public that ILLUSION of choice, and mindless entertainment to distract them from the truth of the situation.

    America is not a democracy. It is a capitalistic system which undermines the very foundation of humanity progress.

  • Definitely. It is the only moral option.

    As Nexus has already explained, the concept of government creates two classes: masters and slaves. A "government of the people" is an oxymoron, as voting only allows you to choose between different slave masters. At the end of the day, it is those in government, not their constituents, who write, vote on and pass legislation. I should add that governments frequently enact laws that go against the best interests of most of society for the benefit of the few, influential elite.

  • Not presidential but parliamentary

    We can keep the office of president, just make them a reserve check on power. They cannot veto, but rather submit bill to supreme court for review of constitutionality or submit bill to referendum as the presidents do in Ireland. Or we could make the cabinet and president be coequal (cannot be fired except by impeachment). This'll protect cabinet members from just being yesmen. The cabinet could be matched with percentage of parties in congress and/or proportional to racial, ethnic, and religious spectrum of country.

  • Without a president that would leave us with Congress

    And as much as you may detest the president, congress is and always will be infinitely more incapable of governing the country if they had control over everything... US without a presidency would make whoever heads Congress as the new top leader, which last year would have been John Boehnor, and this year would have been Paul Ryan.....

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yellowbelly67 says2016-01-24T09:29:00.647
I work with people from other countrys, they seam to be generally nice people and hard working, some time moreso than some people in the UK. What annoys me is that I wanted to go to live in Australia, believe still an English colony? But I coild get work from a sponsor but if I lost my job I would have 28 days to get out of the country, back to no home in the UK, no job etc. How come There are so many English people un employed, yet if I was from an EU country I would get a job and a flat or house etc and hit the ground running. Countrys should look after there own first . Lets look at it another way, if your home was constantly burgled by a gang, wouldn't you want them to be kept well away from your home too?