• If the housing market isn't fixed soon, it's going to drag the rest of the economy down into a hellish bottom that will take years, if not decades, to crawl out of.

    t's time we fixed what's broken and implemented new financing and tax strategies to stabilize prices.Contrary to the naysayer - and in spite of political pandering and procrastination - we can almost immediately execute a simple two-pronged plan to fix mortgage financing and stabilize U.S. housing prices. ..And without an effective plan to arrest the double-dip in housing, there's no bottom in sight.

  • America will fix the housing market.

    America will one day fix the housing market if they create laws that are better able to protect the American mortgage. One low interest rate on mortgages and no increase in taxes on properties would probably have helped many people stay in their homes. But taxes keep going up and the government keeps raising interest rates and taking and taking no one can work and keep up with all that is coming from our pockets now.

  • America will fix the housing market.

    Although the economy is still struggling, many metropolitan areas throughout the United States have already shown signs of recovery within the housing market. Eventually smaller markets will begin to thrive again. It is safe to assume, therefore, that the damage to the housing market was temporary and will recover within time.

  • America will eventually fix the housing market, but it will take time

    America will eventually fix the housing market, but it will take time and the free market system we have in place will need some re-evaluation and fixing. The previous market had lots of loopholes that allowed bankers, real estate agents, and many other people in the housing market to make extreme profits off of people, which resulted in the super high house prices, which eventually plummeted. It will need to be fixed so the mistakes don't reoccur.

  • No, I think it will take time

    Whether the best solution for the housing crisis or not,
    the real point is that it is past time to take action at a level far
    beyond anything yet considered in Washington. Without action at this scale, housing will drag on the economy and damage the lives of millions of more Americans for years to come

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