• A huge change America will

    America is not what it used to be. It is as strong as ever. America makes dumb decisions. We could wipe out North Korea, but somehow we would lose because we didn't do what we were supposed to do. Jesus will return. But before that happens, a war like Vietnam in Korea will likely happen. Which is hell.

  • Yes world war 3 is coming

    Vietnam is communist and America will try and change that. In Iraq theve got oil an America is tacking that. America cant hold on oil for long to keep nato going because whithout nato America would be using its own meat licke Russia. And they don't really wont that much.

  • There will be another war

    Because of the paris attick most people think that we should go to war with the people who attacked paris,france cause they are mean people and the people should have to go through that experience for nothing and reply and like if you think this is the right reason if you need to say something negative about it then keep the comments to yourself.

  • Yes there will. Absolutely.

    America will head into another war every decade because it's good for business and everyone gets in on it such as security and construction contractors and the military industrial complex. The companies who make the weapons, ammunition and munitions and the companies who deck out the Humvees with armor and companies like General Dynamics Land Systems who build the tanks.

  • Yes, we will always be at war

    I don't think there will ever be a time where we are not at war. It is just human nature. I am scared that the next war isn't going to be a small one, its going to be a world war. The Iraq war was just a skirmish, nothing really was solved either.

  • More Wars to Come

    There will definitely be another war such as Vietnam or Iraq. It is very painful to say so, but I think the answer of yes is quite obvious. For example, there are always disagreements in the world and the United States commonly steps in to help other countries. Although I do not support war, I believe more wars will occur in the future. Perhaps nuclear wars between North Korea.

  • Yes, because we form the alliances and antagonisms George Washington warned against

    The United States is likely to get into another war like
    Vietnam or Iraq because it is willing to send troops to faraway parts of the
    world to serve its policy ends. Whether America is foolish to send troops such
    distances for such ends is for history to judge, but our first great leader,
    George Washington, seems to have warned us against such endeavors in his farewell
    speech to his troops at the close of the Revolutionary War.

  • World War Three

    It is almost inevitable that America will never have another war or conflict. Through all of history empires rise and empires fall. Cultures grow and prosper and then crash and die. As long as there are forces in the world that want to hurt and control others, there will be conflict and war. It is human nature.

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