• Yes, Americans will be worse off under a Trump Administration.

    Donald Trump has proven that he will be a terrible leader for this country due to his impulsive ego, his racist rhetoric, and his lack of consideration for citizen rights. To be a leader of this large, multicultural country, the President must thoroughly consider everything before acting. Trump, however, has frequently spoken against races and religions of good American citizens without weighing how this would affect these people. He often takes to twitter when celebrities and other notable people speak out against him, rather than considering why he has so much negative feedback and trying to correct it. His racist rhetoric and bullying behavior has exacerbated the racial divide and caused many innocent Americans and residents of this country to fear for their lives and safety. Finally, he's put a lot of effort to undo much of what Obama and other former presidents have done for the citizens as well as the environment, yet he has not replaced what he has undone with anything similar or better as he promised he would do. In essence, Donald Trump's idea of making America great again does not mean it will be great for the average American citizen.

  • Americans will be worse off under Trump's administration

    Trump will likely roll back and repeal many policies which people in this country rely on, as well as decrease environmental protections and regulations that will make the air that people breathe and the water that they drink less safe as well as causing a lot of damage to the efforts to combat climate change.

  • His polices are not well-defined.

    Trump says that he wants the best for America but he doesn't have a clear plan. I'm worried his Presidency is just going to be four years of planning and bravado instead of action. This will leave Americans, particularly those vulnerable to economical and health issues, worse off because there will be no policy in place to protect them.

  • The American Debt

    Who added 6.5 trillion dollars to the national debt again? Yeah, Obama. Give me a reason to say "Thanks Obama!" That's more than the previous 43 presidents. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, , , , ,

  • Americans be better off under a Trump administration

    Americans be better off under a Trump administration - if he does what he says he is going to do. The reality is that his proposed policies are good for the United States. We already see the economic impacts in the form of companies staying here and ready to invest more money. Thanks God, Hillary did not get elected.

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