• Granting amnesty is another way of saying its okay to break our laws.

    Amnesty, is just another way to say "oh, its alright. We don't enforce our laws here". I sure wish I could have gotten amnesty for the laws I've broken. But, I've accepted and completed my punishment. My parents used to tell me, "you should have thought about it before you did that" when I did something wrong and was being punished for it. Amnesty for "illegal immigrants" is no different. There's a reason the word "illegal" is put in front of "immigrants". Its because they broke the law. To return to topic, if we allow "illegal immigrants" to break the law, others WILL think its okay for them to do it too. Its human nature at its most basic. Give someone an inch, and they will take a mile.

  • Yes, amnesty will produce more illegal immigration

    Giving people amnesty for breaking the law promotes illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are rewarded for not entering America the lawful way. Why should someone who wants to come to America go through the legal process when their counterparts are given amnesty? It’s a horrible way to deal with the immigration problem.

  • No, it doesn't have to.

    Evidently, our efforts to control illegal immigration in the past has failed badly. We have a lot of people living here who didn't arrive by legal means. Granting amnesty to the people who are here and have not committed crimes will go a long way to helping the problem. But I think we need also to find a way to secure our borders and shut down the use of illegals for low pay work here in the US. Perhaps the biggest help would be for the US, in conjunction with Mexico, work to build more economic opportunities in Mexico. Canadian people are not storming our borders to live in the US because they have adequate opportunities in their own country. The problem everyone ignores is that Mexico does not provide its citizens with any opportunity to climb out of poverty.

  • Amnesty Would Only Apply in Some Situations

    Allowing immigrants who are here illegally to have certain forms of amnesty does not necessarily mean it will produce more illegal immigration. We could grant amnesty only to immigrants who are already here, or only to people with no criminal record who have family here. Amnesty programs can be tailored in a way to benefit our country and benefit the people who are already here without automatically encouraging more illegal immigration.

  • No, but it won't help it, either.

    The rate of illegal immigration will not be changed by amnesty, it will simply enable people who've been contributing to our economy for years, if not decades, to become full-fledged taxpayers. That's a good thing. But as long as the United States offers a higher standard of living and a better way of life, we will be a destination for the disadvantaged populations of the world, even if amnesty was never on the table.

  • NO

    Amnesty wouldn't really produce more illegal immigration, I wouldn't think. It only applies in certain situations, for one, and, to be honest, what we're doing so far isn't really helping all that much.

    Providing amnesty would give a lot of those people that are working in slave conditions a voice, though. Lots of times, they accept the conditions because they don't have the legal voice to do anything about it.

    When they are given that voice, they will finally be able to report violations, and we should get a nice snapshot of which companies are widely employing illegals.

    I don't know about you, but I look forward to this, and I plan to use the information to know who to give my business to.

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