Will an accidental killing of an Uzi instructor by a 9-year-old spark more gun debates?

  • It definitely should

    I am appalled by the United States' current attitude towards guns. Events like these are blatant displays of how much damage firearms can and have caused. What I find even more deplorable is that many STILL reject the simple principle that when somebody kills WITH A FIREARM, both the individual AND THE FIREARM are responsible. If "guns don't kill people", then in what conceivable way could this little girl have killed her fully grown male trainer in the absence of that weapon (accidentally or not)? Or, as Ozzy Osbourne put it, "why do we give people guns when they go to war? Why not just send the people?" The simple truth is that guns give people the ABILITY to kill. The fact that millions of people continue to stand in vigorous opposition to this glaringly obvious principle is beyond me.

  • Yes...Unfortunately gun debates will always ensue when anyone dies from one.

    Unfortunately, people will see this as something other than an isolated accident and use this to argue for gun control. Guns (just like virtually everything else) are safe when operated with care and safety precautions are taught correctly. Even the so-called "gun-nuts" would agree that teaching a young girl to shoot with a weapon like an Uzi is ill advised vs using like a semi-automatic .22 or something.

    Side thought: Imagine how dangerous we could think cars or hospitals were if deaths from car wrecks or medical malpractice/negligence were reported on in the way that guns are.

  • Yes the accidental shooting of a gun instructor by a 9-year old girl as already sparked gun debates.

    The accidental shooting of an Arizona gun instructor by the 9-year old girl he was instructing on the proper use of a Uzi has already sparked gun debates and there will many more to come. Central to the majority of the debates with be the question of why an 9-year old was allowed to shoot an Uzi on full auto.

  • Yes, it should!

    There definitely needs to be more debate and also a law looking at what age kids are allowed to go to gun ranges. This was supposed to be a controlled safe environment and a accident still happened, maybe this is a sign that why kids should not be allowed to use firearms under any circumstance.

  • Yes, a fatal accident involving a minor and a gun will spark more gun debates.

    Yes, a fatality caused at the hands of a minor due to a firearm will spark more debates on access to and politics involving guns. It is my opinion that there should be stricter policies regarding firearms and that minors should have restricted access to them due to the fact that they may not have the proper coordination or maturity to properly handle a gun.

  • Accidental killing sparks more gun debates

    Accidental killing of an Uzi instructor by a 9-year-old will spark more gun debates and requirements for higher safety standards. I am totally against such small children to be present at gun firings, even if professional instructor is present. Increasing street violence, crimes and assaults are a direct consequence of the free arm trade and easy access to all kinds of guns.

  • I would think so.

    I learned to use a gun at a relatively early age but it was not an automatic rifle which takes a certain set of motor skills. This was a tragic accident but should a kid have been shooting an uzi when they could have been shooting a single shot handgun. Lot of blame to be placed on a lot of people here.

  • As the Right wing mantra states, guns don't kill people.

    According to the right wing supporters in this country guns don't kill people. Therefore anyone can and should have a gun, no matter what age. Why not? Apparently they don't kill people! Amazing fact I never knew, I say we start handing out Uzi's to every newborn in America! While we are at it let's shoot the people who say guns don't kill people and see if they die or not.

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