• Yes, an ecomomic imbalance will cause problems in a marriage.

    Economic problems and issues will definitely cause problems in a marriage. When the economy isn't doing well or a couple's personal finances aren't doing that well, then problems and issues within that marriage can happen. A lot of divorces these days occur because of financial issues. I think that is why economic problems would be a troubling thing to happen during a marriage.

  • Yes, an imbalance can cause resentment

    When one partner is contributing most or all of the money
    that keeps a family going, that partner may well come to feel resentment.
    This can be true even if one partner is raising the children, keeping house,
    and cooking all the food. Many modern marriages seem to work best when
    both partners are contributing equally to the finances, even though this may
    sometimes mean a redistribution of household chores and childcare.

  • Yes, economic imbalance will cause problem in a marriage.

    There is no doubt in my mind that an economic imbalance is going to cause problems in a marriage. If the couple is on completely different pages when it comes to their marital economics, there will be conflict. If a woman feel that she can spend $1,000 on a purse when the monthly income of the couple is only $5,000 there is definitely going to be some disagreements.

  • It could cause problems

    An economic imbalance could cause marriage problems because money is the single largest topic that causes trouble and divorces. The husband and wife need to openly discuss their issues and concerns and do their best to not let the issues boil over into a huge ordeal. But that is very tough to do.

  • Yes it can.

    Many times an economic imbalance will cause problems in a marriage. This is especially true if one person in the marriage comes from a rich family and the other comes from a poor family. They will not be on common ground and will not see things the same. This will lead to fights.

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