• It will be free. It will be fair. And it won't matter.

    Oh, I'm sure that the election in Crimea will be free and fair. And I'm just as certain that the people who live in that region will vote to stay part of the Ukraine. And once that vote is made public, the Russian dictator Vladmir Putin will say "it was just a non binding referendum" and then refuse to acknowledge it.

  • No, i think it is not fair

    I think that part of the world has too much crime and corruption. There will never be a fair election in that neck of the woods, at least not for a long time. Russia is to blame for that, and we all know it. They may get lucky and have a great leader,but they have a tough time ahead.

  • Crimea is not its own state, so there will be no election.

    Crimea will either be part of the Ukraine, or Russia. The representatives in Crimea have not even entertained the idea of independence. They are destined to not have any elections. This of course means that if there is no election, there will not be a free or a fair election. Crimea will likely be thrown into civil war shortly.

  • No, of course not.

    An election in Crimea will not be free and fair. Of course it will not be. This is because this is a very pro Russian area of the Ukraine, and is in the pocket of Vladamir Putin. Knowing this and knowing that he's a dictator, it is impossible to have a free and fair election.

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