• Yes, And That is the Motivator

    Think of a government and country as a prison. There is food, Housing, Support, Medical assistance, And total security. What is the cost? Freedom and liberty. Without the aforementioned ideas, Oppressive governments will rule a country and brainwash people into thinking that they are free (essentially a utopia and a dystopia).

  • I like to use singapore as an example

    I used to be all for freedom freedom blah blah, Freedom is a total illusion, How free are people in beruit or belfast or somalia with no government, Oppressive is the wrong word, I like to use the word strong government, People like to say singapore is oppressive because they beat vandals, And execute drug dealers but how free arepeope who must always fear crime? There is no freedom without order

  • No safety without oppression

    The idea of having a non oppressive government is ridiculous, Taking away the oppression from the government would be like taking away the laws. With all liberals saying that they are being opressed people have taken the word oppression way out of context. The definition of oppression is as stated in the dictionary, Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. Lets think about control. If the government wasn't controlling we would have illegal immigrants coming in from everywhere and there would be crime all across the united states.

  • Force awakens II

    May the force be with you, WhiteHawk. 43 More Words Needed, What is my opinion? I say no or yes to make things even and may the force be with Jedi billsands. Yoda told me a story with just 10 words: Shall pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed be with no one.

  • Sure, But not in they way you're thinking.

    An oppressive government provides safety from the rest of the citizens by imposing strict punishments. The government then becomes your enemy. You become poor, And many people start to die because their government only cares about power and nothing else. Sure, You become unprotected in a free state, But you also gain the right to protect yourself through any means necessary.

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