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  • No Anchorman 2 is a failure

    As is the case with a lot of comedy sequels the second one is just no where near as good. It seems that with Anchorman 2 they tried to make it more funny but fell flat instead. The movie is a disaster which is ashame because Anchorman was pretty good.

  • Anchorman 2 will not live up to the hype

    Anchorman 2 will not live up to the hype. It will be a good movie and be well-received but overall it will not be the blockbuster the company is hyping it to be. Much of the plot seems to be a review of other films which won't bother many viewers but others will wait for the film to be available for home viewing.

  • 2013 Maybe not?

    The original Anchorman was released in 2004 and received generally positive reviews. I myself enjoyed the first movie due to the cast line up. With Ferrell 's personality and Carell's Rudd's, and fred willard's screenplay the comedy is easily 7 out of 10. But remember the movie came out 9 years ago. Anchorman was good for 2004 but will 2 be good in 2013 is the real question? My guess probably not. Unless Anchorman 2 changes its early 2000 movie feel it will be a bust. Plus lately Ferell hasn't been that entertaining. I mean "THE OTHER GUYS" was just a 5 out of 10 mediocre film. I mean if you go back Dodgeball, Eurotrip, and White Chicks came out that year and do we need a sequel to those in 2013. One word no. So as my movie going opinion wait for it on netflix and stay home christmas

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