• As long as she is loving, she will be fine.

    It's always difficult to know what kind of a parent a person will be until they have their first child. Some people might think that Hathaway's perfectionist tendencies will make her a nervous or pushy mother, but even if that was the case it wouldn't have any bearing on the most important thing which is love and attention for the child which anyone is capable of delivering.

  • Anne Hathaway takes on a new role

    Anne Hathaway has experienced the highs and lows of a Hollywood career during her young life and that experience will serve her well as she takes on her next role as a new mother. One of the most important lessons that parenthood provides is learning to put another person's needs ahead of your own. So many actors are typically selfish and independent spirits. Ms. Hathaway will have to set aside her own ambitions for a while in order to put her child first.

  • Anne Hathaway will be a good mother

    Yes, Anne Hathaway will be a good mother. All mothers are inherently good. Those who are not are actually in the minority. Anne has a creativity and light about her that will help her to be a great mother. Also, because of her career and resources, she will have a support team to help her.

  • She has the resources available

    Anne Hathaway will make a fine mother. Besides being intelligent, she has the financial resources available to give her children every advantage, and more. From the best schools to the best daycare, if needed, there is no reason that her children will ever go wanting for the best things in life. Not that financial resources makes the best mother, but it certainly helps.

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