• Anonymous wins always

    Anonymous campaigns always have a rather impressive rate of success, and this campaign will probably be no different whatsoever. Anonymous acts almost as a check against abusive corporate and governmental power, and it seems likely they will continue to be successful within the near future, and it will be interesting indeed.

  • If this does go through it will be problematic to deal with treason of' HKRGs to inspire more violence from aggression of law or terror.

    Anonymous have motivation of the internet public trust with manipulative administrative management on each side. I must say when it comes to the president's order of wanting to shut down the Guantanamo-Bay, it makes US wonder go against the president to law order or many concerning their lies toward us.

  • Anonymous Campaign Will Not Be Successful

    No, Anonymous's OpGTMO campaign will not be successful because Anonymous lacks the discipline to carry any campaign very far. Anonymous as an "entity" is made up of so many people from so many backgrounds that it has no unified front, and thus never seems to finish anything that it starts.

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