Will any of the Republican presidential candidates beat out Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2016?

  • I like her

    She da bestst!#$ du Uś no how mani vots she gone git?? ANNOTHER ! ANOTHERR 1!!! HE beats mitt obama by so manni! Donald Duck face is meaniii for bean mene too every1! Donald Ducki is a h8ter guys..! U doods shwd here me 0oot cuz I is cleyver!!! YOLO hashytages i tele u she haz m00r chosirz thain the other prezidezes yo. STBY duckiy boy coo0z him be like... ELI5 thin lika hill ma main homy bez lick, FTFY in c8s yuos doesnt no thet et meens hilly gone 2 win fam, Cuz how u doin fam ,,,, ¨ïm juts chilinnnnngen ceter rapeds ... Lololol she funey but shessss expr355in h3r f33l1ng5 p34cy outzzzz yo cuz im gone 2 votey 4 main hilly

  • She Da BOMB!

    No one is better than hill clinton. She could whoop half the people in this stupid race. Bernie Sanders Looks like Yoda. Ben Carson Can't stay awake for 5+ Minutes. Donald Trump has a squirrel taped to his head. Hillary Clint looks like Miley Cyrus thats why she should be prez

  • She's can't win

    Her history is against her. She is the worst kind leader. Lies after lies. She should be in jail for her many war crimes. Soon her day will come when she must answer for Benghazi. For those who don't know she said "why does it matter now" even the most blind hypocritical liberals are against her

  • A Republican presidential candidate win is possible.

    I think there are enough people who either support a Republican candidate or don't support Hillary Clinton to make the possibility of Republican candidate win very possible. Though many people strongly like Hillary Clinton, there are also plenty of people who strongly dislike her as a presidential candidate. Thus, I think there is a good chance of a close race and possibly a Republican candidate win.

  • Hillary is so high......

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  • Hi how are you

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  • I like her

    She very good. She my fav canidate. 2 cuul 4 every1 esles!!!!! Lol not even Bernie Sanders wil beet her. I am very smart, so listen to my facts. She is the only canidate to trust enough. Nuff said. Filing the word count now kdkd kd kd kd kd dk

  • Without A Doubt

    U . W o t . M 8 . U . G o t . N o t h i n g . O n . M e . W o t . U . M a d . B r o . S t f u . S k r u b . L o r d

  • Republicans will not be able to beat Hillary

    There are numerous reasons why the Republicans won't be able to beat Hillary. The main problem is that in order to survive the primary, they have to appeal to the Republican base voter, who tends to be much farther to the right than the average American. Walking the line between being conservative enough to win the primary, yet mainstream enough to win the general election will be too tough for any of the current candidates.

  • No, the Republican candidates can't beat Hilary Clinton.

    No, the Republican field is not strong enough to compete with Hilary Clinton. I'm not saying that she's going to win by a landslide, but she will win the presidency in 2016. The US political system works in cycles and this is her time. She will have no real primary challenger on the Democratic side and there is not an equivalent to Barack Obama on the Republican side to beat her. She is in prime position to win the presidency.

  • Hillary is too strong.

    I think it is finally Hillary's time to shine. She is by far the front running candidate in this election. Her husband has experience running the country and she is an experienced politician in her own right. The only person who stands a chance to beat her would be Elizabeth Warren, should she choose to run.

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