Will anything really change after the 2012 election?

  • Things will change.

    Our debt will grow to astounding new heights. The rights of our citizens will be infringed. Obama has nothing to lose he cannot be re-elected so prepare for no holds barred government spending and more support for the lazier portions of our society. We will see many changes and hopefully thing will remain within our grasp to recover our nation after the next election. But on the upside Romney would have been just as bad just in different areas.

  • Obama Will Get Tougher During Second Term

    President Obama now has nothing to lose. He can't be president anymore with just two terms. Obama can now do whatever he wants, within reason, despite what public opinion of his policies are. Obama can choose to get tough with Republicans or compromise with them. Either way, something will get done. Republicans need to be careful because their exclusionary practices cost them the 2012 election.

  • Yes, Obama will likely be more aggressive this term

    I believe that we will see more change after the 2012 election because Obama no longer has to concern himself with playing politics in order to get reelected. Also, with Democrats getting the Senate back in their control, it should be much easier to push the President's policies through Congress than it has been the past four years.

  • No nothing will really change after the 2012 election

    Nothing ever does beyond things getting worse. Politicians on both sides, Republicans or Democrats both, always promise hope and change each election year, but all you really get is more of the same no matter which party gains office. 2012 will be no different from any of the others before it. The only way anything will ever change is if we were to stop voting for the same people year in and year out who care only about their own agendas and not our own good. Until that happens, nothing will ever truly change. So no nothing will change after the 2012 election, because nothing ever does.

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