Will anything really change in the U.S. after the Newtown massacre?

  • Yes, the death of children tends to cause change

    The fact that this last massacre involved very young children, the most innocent of all, and those children died so close to Christmas means that people will sit up and take notice. Just look at how people are responding now, in comparison to how they responded to earlier shootings. Now we see even die hard gun enthusiasts worrying about certain people having guns. That is a great indication that things are going to change.

  • Change

    Yes, I think and hope that things will change in the aftermath of the horrible senseless Newtown CT massacre of innocent women and children. We should all be nicer to one another. There is a time and place for violence and schools is not the place. We should feel safe in school. Now there should be armed guards at each school in my opinion.

  • Probably not.

    I do not believe that anything will really change after the Newtown massacre, not even gun control laws. It seems these days that guns are too engrained in our society, and that many politicians do not want to enact stricter gun control laws. Like many other things the fury will die down and people will forget until it happens again.

  • The Newton Massacre Changes Nothing

    Nothing will change as a result of this massacre in the grand scheme of things. It will be talked about for a while, then placed in the back of our minds like other massacres have. Laws will not change and people will continue to both have access to and use guns. It is sad but true.

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