Will anything really change with women in combat?

  • Human rights and gender equality.

    Gender equality should be arisen in this topic as women should be able to fight for their country and have that acceptance for their gender. As well as that, it is scientifically proven that women will be more tolerable to the pain more than men and less likely to get post traumatic syndrome.

  • I think that things will really change with women in combat eventually.

    I think that things will really change with women in combat
    eventually. I think that women who earn their
    positions will one day be able to fight alongside men in combat with no
    discrimination. The times are
    changing. Women have proven that they
    can do almost anything that men can do.

  • Yes- Our Armed Forces Will Grow

    Enrollment in the Armed Forces has been declining for years. Allowing women in combat will strengthen our Armed Forces because now more dedicated individuals will be permitted to fight for their country. Many qualified women may have neglected to join because they wanted to have the same opportunities to protect our nation as men.

  • No, nothing will really change.

    Women and men have no difference in the way that they can shoot a gun on the battlefield. There might be times when it would help them to use physical strength in a situation, but not all men are capable of great feats of strength either. Women shouldn't be prevented from battle over some "what if" scenarios.

  • Nothing Will Change With Women In Combat

    No, nothing will really change with women allowed in combat, and that is the entire point. Women who perform up to the standards set by the Armed Forces will be no different than their male counterparts. Thus, this homogeneity among the sexes is desired. Nothing will change now that women are allowed in combat.

  • Probably Not In The End

    I believe with all change it is something that seems big at first, but usually doesn't seem odd after too long. I really don't think much will change when women begin to enter combat with men. I believe it will thought of as normal within a few years and will happen without much change.

  • Nothing will change with women in combat.

    Nothing will change with women in combat. I think that the objectives will be the same and that the men will come to accept the women being in combat with them. I think that women are proving that they can do any job that the men can do and they should be accepted for it.

  • Not Much Will Change

    I very much doubt that anything significant will change. The way we fight our wars in combat zones has changed a lot since the days where we had a strong front line and we faced lines of soldiers looking back at us from behind their guns. A lot of the combat roles now take place from the distance or in small groups of special ops. Allowing women to participate in these roles should not change very much except for, of course, more women will now be in combat.

  • Women In Combat Roles Will Have Mixed Results

    Allowing women to participate in combat roles will have mixed results, I believe. I am 100% for this move provided that the women accepting these roles can do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, their male counterparts can do. I'm not just talking firing a weapon or killing the Taliban, I also include the menial tasks in there such as carrying heavy equipment and being available to fight 24/7 while in the combat zones.

    If they can accomplish this I think the transition will be very smooth, if not then the inclusion of them will slowly be faded out.

  • No, there is no reason it should.

    Women being in combat will not change anything. Out there fighting, everyone is the same, there is no viewing other people as women or men and worrying about them when in combat. Everyone tends to be dressed in the same heavy gear, and in some cases figuring out if you are standing beside a man or woman may not be as simple as a quick glance. If there are any changes because of women being in combat, it will be due to over-worrying and over-complicating things.

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