• Yes, I believe Apples profits will continue to soar.

    There have been many device that have been released within this year but there only a few that have created a buzz. The iphone 6 recently came out and has been a popular demand in most cell phone outlets. With that in mind, apple also just released their newest iPad which is currently leading compared to all other similar devices so they will be bringing huge amounts of money for the next year or so!

  • Apple will continue to be profitable.

    If apple continues to provide innovative tools that meet the needs of consumers without seeming gimmicky or as if they are playing catch-up to competitors, they will continue to see immense profit in their brand offerings. Because Apple is seen as elite by the consumer they can continue to ask for exorbitant fees for their products. However, the minute the products are no longer seen as being innovative, the cash will dry up quickly.

  • I think they will lower over time

    Apple is so popular because of the people, not the products. Some people, no matter what they put out, will love apple. No matter what. Once people see that there could possibly be better options out there, for example, android, windows phone, etc. They might back off of apple for some time, and try new things. Meanwhile, apple's profits drop, and they decide it is time to step up their game.

  • No, Apple is on its way down.

    There is no way that Apple profits will continue to soar. This is because people will slowly wise up to the social injustice that results from the mining of the minerals that is needed to produce Apple products. People will want to support a company that is truly green and strives for human equality.

  • No, Apple profits will not continue to soar.

    The recent surge in Apple's profits exceeded the expectations of financial growth analysts. Obviously, this is owing in large part to the recent release of several new Apple products. However, these kinds of releases are far from a regular event; indeed, it has taken years of research and development for these products to be ready for market release. Creating new products for release will likewise take time, and in the meantime Apple's profits will likely even out.

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