Will Apple stock continue to drop in value, even after the release of new products like the Apple Watch and iPhone 6?

  • Apple Stocks To Continue Drop in Value

    I, personally, expect Apple stock to continue drop in value. Apple`s shares and global success have been driven by the fantastic combination of Steve Jobs` sales talent and the introduction of the revolutionary and innovative Apple brand. Recently Samsung, LG and even Nokia eat away Apple market share via selling cheaper and more affordable products.

  • Apple is overvalued

    I think that Apple stock has not reached the bottom yet. Other companies are catching up in technology and popularity. The Apple price point for their products contains a large mark-up that needs to be lowered in the long run. Without Steve Jobs, Apple is no longer as cool as it once was.

  • Apple stock will not decline much.

    Apple stock will not decline much. This is because the company has a lot of value and solidly built and followed products. The watch does not work independently of the iPhone, which isn't good, but it is still a nice and useful product. Apple has a huge and successful history and their stock price will continue to reflect that.

  • Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch will have a positive effect on Apple's stock valuation

    Historically, Apple's stock has been inconsistent and erratic immediately after major iPhone releases. Within six months following each release, however, Apple has enjoyed an average of a 23% increase in stock valuation and a 25% increase after 12 months. With the release of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the Apple watch, the stock will undoubtedly perform at least as well within these same two periods.

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