• They have a cult following.

    Yes, Apple stock will keep rising with the iPhone 6 coming out soon, because people think that the iPhone is great. Sales continue to go up. People who want the latest and greatest in technology buy Apple. They still have people camp out at their stores to get the latest products. That won't change any time soon.

  • Apple stock will soar!

    With the IWatch looming in the near future, Apple's stock will rise to mass proportions. Apple builds a solid and trendy product. It builds every consumers must have dream! I predict these being sold in mass quantities and Apple's stock just shooting sky high. They are due for a new product and I believe this is the one.

  • Apple stock set to soar

    Apple is popular among every age group and we are all anxiously awaiting the new release of the latest iPhone. Yes, Apple stock is going to continue to rise, especially with the rumors of the release of a smartwatch, a total innovation. Apple stock is set to soar, and keep soaring.

  • Of course it will

    Of course, Apple stock will keep rising after the Iphone6 is released because this is a sign that Apple may be even stronger and healthier now than in the recent past, and they seem to be nailing the competition with their cool innovation policy and their really smart marketing campaigns.

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