• He is ready.

    Yes, Apple's CEO Tim Cook can measure up to Steve Jobs, because Tim Cook was chosen from the brightest and the best. Tim Cook has many leadership qualities that a person would have to have in order to rise to the top of the industry. He has developing skills that will serve Apple in the future.

  • Only Can Be One Steve Jobs

    It is not Tim Cook's job to measure up to Steve Jobs. Tim Cook has to be who Tim Cook is. These type of questions really are irrelevant, because even if Tim Cook tried to be Steve Jobs, he couldn't be. When people try to be something they are not, that is when things go wrong.

  • No, Tim Cook will never measure up to Steve Jobs.

    I do not think that somebody like Tim Cooks will ever be as good as somebody like Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was not only a smart businessman, he was also a great visionary. He was able to look at technology in ways that other people didn't. That's what made him successful.

  • No, Apple's CEO Tim Cook will never measure up to Steve Jobs.

    No, Apple's CEO Tim Cook will never measure up to Steve Jobs. It's impossible to even expect Tim Cook to live up to Steve Jobs. Jobs started Apple from nothing and came up with inventions that changed the world, like the iPhone. Tim Cook would be best served just doing a good job.

  • not at all

    no, steve jobs was a very smart man, and was one that knew a whole lot about how to run a business in a way that would make it boom. he was a super smart man, and i do not think that tim cook can be as good as steve.

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