Will Apple's new fifth generation iPad be a success?

  • Unfortunately, Yes. I hate it, though.

    Apple will continue to crank out product after product that, in all reality, does the same exact thing as before, with a few tweaks and screws hidden here and there. However, as asinine as it seems, people will continue to buy their products, regardless it being improved from the last generation or not. Apple is a billion dollar company, and that will never change. I believe Apple is the first company to have successfully brainwashed an entire generation, and for that reason, yes, the fifth generation iPad will be successful.

  • Yes, it will.

    Yes, I think that Apple's new fifth generation iPad will be a success. Let's face it - all Apple products are successes. People (including me) love the brand and love the name. Not only that, but Apple makes quality products that people love to use. So, whenever they roll out a new product, many consumers will want to be first in line to buy it.

  • Yes, because of the name

    I believe that the new fifth generation iPad will be a success simply because it has the Apple brand name behind it. Many people have a religious devotion to Apple, so they will buy their new products even if they do not need them or even if the product isn't very good itself.

  • Yes, I believe Apple's new fifth generation iPad will be a success.

    Yes, I believe Apple's new fifth generation iPad will be a success. From the reports I have read, the new iPad will be smaller and lighter. I think we have become a digital nation that is quick to devour any new technology. People always want to have the newest and best gadgets, and that includes technology.

  • Well, of course..

    As long as we have hipsters, anything dropped by Apple will be snatched up in a flurry of skinny jeans, ugly sweaters, ironic glasses and arrogantly angled hats. Apple products are..Okay.. They aren't great, but they aren't bad. Their viral marketing and the resistance of people to change has given them the largest corner of the market on mp3 players, tablets and other such peripherals. Despite the minute to negative improvements in each new iteration of their devices, their sales continue to press as high as their prices.

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