Will Apple's new OSX security fix truly make their users more secure?

  • Yes, I think Apple's new OSX security fix will make their users more secure.

    Overall I think that Apple's security team pushes out major security patches that do truly overall improve the quality of security of the software, I think they will continue to release more and more security patches and fixes to continue to combat old and new threats that develop for Apple products.

  • Yes, it will.

    It will make them more secure, but probably only for a small amount of time. There will always be someone out there who wishes to break the new security to test their own skills. So for a short amount of time, users will not have to worry about security on Apple devices.

  • Until the next time

    Until some hackers figure it out and Apple has to invent a new security system. This is where technology is moving to fast. By the time something comes out, a few months later something better is coming out. Pretty soon new upgrades will be happening every other day. For the moment the security fix by Apple should do the trick

  • Yes, I think that Apple's new OSX security fix will make their users more secure.

    I think that the security fix that Apple employed with their new OSX will make user more secure. I think that it is a great program that will help Apple users be able to use their products and programs more efficiently without having to worry about any security issues and problems.

  • No, nothing is safe

    I think it will for the time being,but its just a matter of time before they crack into that as well. You can't think everything is safe, there is always a way to fix that. If the world was a safe place, there would be no need for these things,but in the end nothing is safe or secure.

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