• Yes, I feel that Argentina will advance to the Copa America semi-final.

    Yes, Argentina will more than likely advance to the semi-finals. They are one of the favorites to end up in the finals. Their next match is against Venezuela who they will probably beat. With Messi as one of the players for Argentina, it's no wonder as to why they are so dominant.

  • Argentina will advance to Copa America semi-final

    Argentina has been having an amazing track record in the Euro 2016 Championship, completely crushing their opponents and dominating the opposition. It seems Argentina has come full strength this year and won't have any problem in advancing and winning this year's championships. Having had no rivals after Brazil's recent demise, Argentina is a soccer powerhouse in the Americas and has a possibility of winning the cup.

  • Yes, Argentina will advance to Copa America semi-final.

    Argentina has been playing with aggression and determination to beat out the previous competitors leading them to the quarter-finals now. If they continue to play as they have been playing, they will beat their next competitor to advance to the semi-finals and possibly even beyond to the finals. Argentina can win the entire soccer tournament if the team continues to play the way they have been playing!

  • Yes, Argentina will advance.

    Yes, Argentina will advance to Copa America semi-final. Argentina has played a good run of games this season, or at least good enough to achieve making it into the semi-final. From there, Argentina will likely not move forward, but other teams have done much worse and will have a worse chance.

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