Will Argentina's latest default have ripple effects throughout the global economy?

  • I think it will

    Yes, I feel that each economy having some default will cause a ripple in some way. We all buy things from each other, sell things to each other or trade and make deals. It may not be a huge effect, but it will make a difference with each place it does business with, which in turn will effect that countries dealings, and so on and so forth. So I do believe it willhave some sort of ripple effect in that way.

  • Yes, will feel a ripple

    Anytime, there is any changes in different Country's economy it always causes a ripple effect. When there is something as bad as a default it will definitely have some sort of shake up and make the markets not as steady. Argentina economy although I don't feel it should will affect the United States stock market because investors will be nervous.

  • Argentina latest default will not have ripple effects

    Argentina is a country in south whose economy is in no where related to the global economy. therefore their defaults will in no way have ripple effects. if we were speaking of countries such as united states of america or england, then we could have said that their default would have ripple effect.

  • Argentina's Economy Will Suffer, but Not the World

    Of course, when any country's economy falters, the world is, to some extent, affected. But, just as Iceland's bankruptcy had little effect in the global economy, others will recover quickly from Argentina's default. This is the country's second default in 13 years, and the first had little effect on the global economy.

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