Will Arizona's Immigration law remain on the books?

  • Arizona will never change

    Regardless if a person believes in the same things as Arizona or not, everyone has to accept the fact that Arizona will never change. It is a hard headed state and when it truly believes in something, it follows through with it. The Arizona Immigration law will remain on the books for that reason alone.

  • Yes probably so.

    I do believe that Arizona's immigration law will remain on the books. This is a fairly conservative law and Arizona is a fairly conservative state. It will probably stay a conservative state and therefore the law will probably remain indefinitely. Most people in Arizona have strong views against illegal immigration.

  • Those laws are going to be history!

    Arizona's racist and bigoted profiling laws -- oh, excuse me, immigration laws -- have already been mostly struck down by the courts. It's only a matter of time before all of the main provisions are gutted as well. The United States federal law deals with immigration, not a bunch of 2nd Amendment fetishists who think they're the law.

  • Arizona's Immigration law will not remain on the books.

    Most Americans agree that Arizona's immigration laws are too harsh. They will not remain on the books because they are unfair to immigrants. There will be a reasoned immigration reform in the future that allows illegal immigrants a path toward citizenship. We should not allow racist immigration laws to stay on the books.

  • Will Be Superceded by Federal Law Eventually

    Arizona's restrictive immigration law will be struck down eventually because new federal legislation will supersede the state version. The U.S. Constitution specifically states matters of foreign policy are a power given to the president and Congress, not to individual states. Although some portions of the law remain in effect, the entire package will be null and void when new immigration laws are passed in 2014.

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