Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be a good replacement for Donald Trump on "The Apprentice"?

  • The Terminator is coming back to TV!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger will be a great replacement as host of The Apprentice! Just the fact that he is a foreigner and the previous host, He who shall not be named, seems to have a strong hatred for anything Un-American. His background in television and film will give him the upper hand in this situation. Not to mention that he is a loved character and the good guy in almost all of his castings! He will be warmly welcomed.

  • Arnold for host of Apprentice!

    Yes, I believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be a very good replacement for Donald Trump on the show "The Apprentice." They both have very much in common as far as famous politicians and entertainers. Both Arnold and Donald have very strong personalities as well which would help keep the same energy flow of the show.

  • It probably will.

    Considering that Arnold has the rough and rugged attitude, he will fit perfectly . Donald Trump had his own flair in the past series , but it was high time for a new contender. Arnold will do a great job no doubt about it . Can't wait to see him do it.

  • Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is just as absurd a character as Donald Trump.

    I believe Arnold Scwarzenegger would be fine as a replacement for Donald Trump on The Apprentice. They are both over the top characters, albeit in different industries. Being a successful action hero for as long as Mr. Schwarzenegger has requires minimal talent, but it does require quite a bit of business acumen. He looks great on camera and has just as much charisma as Mr. Trump, as is evidenced by his being elected Governor of California on star power alone.

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