Will Aroldis Chapman's behavior affect his chances of playing in the MLB?

  • Yes, Chapman's domestic abuse charge investigation means he may not be able to play

    The Major League Baseball organization is investigating whether or not pitcher Chapman committed assault and fired a weapon under the MLB's new domestic abuse policy. This incident has created controversy for Chapman, and his trade to the LA Dodgers is on hold. Former colleague Dusty Baker describes him as a "heck of a guy." Nevertheless, Chapman could be suspended if he is found guilty - or worse. So far no charges have been laid.

  • No, it doesn't make a difference.

    What Aroldis Chapman did isn't strictly relevant to baseball, therefore I don't believe that he should have trouble playing in the MLB. If he had done something more related to baseball, like cheating or attacking other players then I believe he would be warranted a suspension however because his actions were irrelevant I don't believe he deserves any punishment.

  • Impressions are everything.

    When one is trying to be in the public light or anything they are trying to do their behavior is a key factor whether or not they get that position. Everything we do in this life follows us wherever we go and we can't get rid of it. So more than likely his behavior will affect his chances.

  • No, they should not

    Chapman's behavior should not affect his chances of playing in the MLB at this time. We currently don't know all of the facts so to say it should would be making a judgement to soon. He obviously made a mistake, but he can learn from it. People also deserve second chances.

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