• Artificial Intelligence can break capitalism

    We live in a world where not everyone’s effort is equal. Yes, capitalism is grossly unfair in some parts — based on your birth, inheritance and a range of other factors. But it’s also one of the only systems we have the accounts for the effort you put in to produce things that other people want to use.
    And yet, I can also see an end. Capitalism’s greatest threat is it’s own progress. The technology capitalism has created is systematically undermining it. Which is why we may have to rethink it.

  • No trade - No capitalism

    Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. It means all this system is build on trade. For example nowadays to buy(get) something we should sale(give) something( it can be our own property, or even our work). But what happens if somebody will give people anything they need for free, somebody kind of a slave who will quite clever to fully supply all of us? There will be no trading at all, and without trading there capitalism can't exist. The slave mentioned earlier defenetly can be artificial intelligence.

  • No pain - no gain.

    Personally I don't think that it is possible for humanity to deny the idea of capitalism grown for hundreds of ages because of external factor.
    And also, as I stated in the headline, if people will have all they want and need there will be no progress and every generation will know smaller than the previous. Death of humanity will be slow, but it will be death.

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