Will artificial intelligence ever catch up with human intelligence?

  • Yes, but eventually

    Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly. However it will be a very long time before we have our own robot butler. The human brain takes input from many different senses all at the same time. It combines them all together and turns into a recognizable form. Not to mention that the brain can take language and parts of language that computers can find very hard to interpret. For example "Can a can can can". This sentence does make grammatical sense, "Can a metal can perform the dance known as the can can". They mean the same thing and yet most AI's would have no idea what it means. AI's may eventually reach the capacity of the human brain, but it will take a very long time.

  • Walking like a duck, thinking like a human ... Ergo:

    If a machine acts like it is sentient, and presents evidence it is self aware, is it?

    If it is, then AI has caught up and excelled human intelligence. Now, does the machine now have human rights?

    Or, are those humans who are less aware than the machine lesser beings than the machine?

    All questions our species will be facing the near future.

  • Yes, in the next 40 years it will

    It depends on what you define as "intelligence"....If you mean that a computer is able to perform thousands of laborious tasks in a millisecond or win a million dollars on Jeopardy , it appears as though computers are ALREADY more intelligent than their human counterpart. But if your definition of intelligence is that the computer is self-consciously aware of what is going around him/her, then it is a whole different scenario. Technology can't truly "think" at the moment, and I do not deter myself by saying this, for I think that in my lifetime we will see an artificially intelligent being.

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  • I believe it is highly probable that it will surpass it

    Unless we annihilate ourselves and the environment before it can happen. Having said that, I also think it is very likely we will develop some sort of computer-brain interface which will almost eradicate the need for separate and non-organic ultra-intelligence. There is a lot of very interesting work being done on this in several places, one of which is MIT's Media Lab (if memory serves).

  • Just as machines became more powerful, faster and efficient, so will AI.

    Just as machines became more powerful, faster and efficient, so will AI. It's just a matter of time. Life as we know it will change un-recognizably. The question is when, how fast will it change and will we be able to control it when AI becomes more powerful.

    Are politicians around the world ready for the change caused by AI? Are our models and assumptions for the future perhaps outdated, should we collectively reassess our future?

    What will our occupations be? work will we perform if AI outperforms us in everything we do?

  • Duh, its a pretty low bar

    Have you seen the stupid things people do these days? Im fairly certain that computers are ALREADY smarter then people... Just this morning I watched a grown man shove a fork into a toaster because he was wondering why his Waffle wasnt coming out and got electrocuted, while my computer calculated the square root of 1362793 in less then a second.... Computers are already smarter then humans, but honestly thats not much of an accomplishment. Thats like bragging about how youre smarter then the kid in class who just shoved a fork into a toaster and electrocuted himself....

  • Perhaps in the near or far future.

    Yes AI will catch up or surpass human "critical and creative thinking". For intelligence part believe it or not it already has. Computers and simple calculators perform basic and linear tasks million times faster than an average human mind, and there are already AIs and robots created that can and do function their own such as walking, avoiding obstacles, walking on sophisticated terrain such as steps or stairs, even crawling walls and one AI robot created by DARPA can become an asymmetrical object in order to fit into certain spaces such as under the doors.
    None of those listed above is a real breakthrough unlike the recent one where AI that was created to learn.
    What AI lacks today is creative thinking, but when it comes to deductive reasoning most of the progress can be seen in modern video games, where in some cases AI has proven to be quite competent when presenting challenge to a player. Already AIs have beaten world champions in Chess and Checkers and Shugo. There is AI created that learned how to play a certain game such as Mario Brothers. Thus in the future it is quite possible that AI will surpass human intelligence.

  • Machines will surpass human thinking

    Machines will likely not be 100% match for humans nor would that be such a good thing. However, machines will have the ability to access mountains of information and history and accurately recall it. Unlike flawed humans.

    Machines will likely be able to read human emotions and even "pretend" to empathize but machines will likely avoid whims and emotional outbreaks and self destructive behavior.

  • Just as A.I. will improve, humans will as well.

    If in the future we are actually capable of building a device that can mimic human intelligence, what would that say about its inventor? For you to build something that has artificial intelligence and would also include consciousness, that would mean you understand the physical makeup of your own mind and how it processes data. Furthermore, how can you say a machine has surpassed your intelligence when you are not fully sure how far your own intelligence will go?

  • Not in the foreseeable future.

    I think AI technology might advance to the point where it can mimic human intelligence, but the amount of processes we do effortlessly is astounding, and computer technology at the moment is light years away from replicating that. Computers deal well with math and raw data, but actually coming up with independent ideas and analyzing data, not so much.

  • It Never Will

    Artificial intelligence will never catch up or surpass human intelligence. This is because humans are the ones that create the things that have artificial intelligence. Also, there are certain things that man created things just will not be able to do. AI will continue to progress, but it will always be behind.

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MasturDbtor says2013-03-19T00:47:17.627
No idea, but this would raise some serious ethical issues. If they are as intelligent as we are or more what right do we have to own them? If they think like we do then arguably that is slavery.
fractaldreams says2013-07-13T06:40:44.543
Yes, I read somewhere that if a sufficiently strong AI arrives on the scene, it will no more be willing to serve our purposes than we are in service to dogs.

The ethical concerns raised by this are extremely complex and they are being considered by several organisations which have sprung up around roboethics. I know MIT have published a book on the subject, and a quick glance at the external links on this page (not the article itself which has issues) will give you an indication of the level of concern or interest around this topic:


A couple of good places for articles on the subject are WIRED magazine and also this one, not just in terms of robot's rights but also in terms of the risks AI might pose to our species:


It's an extremely interesting field of enquiry.