• Job losses in almost every sector, killer autonomous robots and robots writing their own programs will have devastating consequences

    Given that scientists, academics, human rights groups and the UN are warning about risks to humanity and human extinction for me it is a probability. Sure we are not there yet but they are superseding us in specific ways: using algorithms to generate data we can not understand. The autonomous car is here as is the 'robo-sapien' created by DARPA which could put infantry robots fighting men in the field making decisions to kill without human intervention.
    A company in South Korea has had the confidence, investment and technological know-how to start producing 8,000 English teachers for kindergartens. Many researchers believe that AI primary care doctors will be with us within 50 years. This means no job is safe. AI will in this case will effect wealth distribution and human devolution. We are creating a new dominant species not of flesh, which can learn and make decisions for themselves, with advanced memory and communication capabilities. For my links see http://clamorbox.Blogspot.Co.Uk/2013/07/blog-post.Html#.UfGEMNK1GSo

  • Bad Simpsons Predictions are going to come true

    Every time a Simpsons joke comes up, it may turn into a prediction and come true. Now, there's one that's going to come true, and it needs to be stopped. Remember The Simpsons episode, Itchy and Scratchy Land? It has a scene where robots become bloodthirsty killers at humans. So, we need to stop scientists now!

  • Robots have feelings, too

    Now, people may argue about the benefits or Artificial Intelligence. I agree AI can be very useful to people that are lonely, and it may conclude to overcoming loneliness. However, if robots were actually able to think and feel like humans, what are the percentage of them wanting to be treated like slaves? They may want their own time, their own rights to live as they want. This suggests that AI will want to take over, and they may not accept humans to be around. In the end, everything may turn into a war, and cause human extinction. We must stop trying to make AI before it is too late.

  • Intelligence equals domination

    Intelligence has always dominated those who are not, we continue to do it in our daily human lives. Intelligence will only be concerned with self preservation, survival, and multiplication of self. It is, in essence, the human story. Europeans colonised the world, and eliminated indigenous species. AI will kill us all.

  • Learn Research Development

    It is believe that artificial intelligence can improve the overall human experience by expanding the limits of the mind and body through learning, research and development. Nowadays, humans incorporate more and more technology into their everyday lives to enjoy a higher level of reasoning, culture and physical capabilities. The field of artificial intelligence potentially to give machines the ability to think analytically, using concepts and advances in computer science, robotics and mathematics.

  • Empathetic creatures do not exterminate Empathetic creatures.

    The Headline could pretty much sum up my view in few words, but to elaborate, a fully functional Artificial Intelligence would reasonably be given the capacity for empathy, ability to define sentience, etc. I'm willing to bet that any species developed with an immediate sense of empathy, or one which evolves, would not begin an extermenatus. No, I have no hidden evidence to cause this belief. I just do.

  • Extinction? No. Transformation? Inevitably.

    Even if doomsday scenario's play out humanity will adapt as necessary to survive. It's what we've done since before the ice age. It is far more likely that we will utilize technology to keep up with AI through whatever means, which may lead to our transition into something people 100 years ago might no longer consider "human," but will still epitomize and be solidly anchored in those things that define humanity.

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