Will artificial intelligence/robots eventually eliminate company call centers with human representatives?

  • The naysayers don't seem to understand how advanced AI is now and how quickly the technology will advance in the next few years.

    There is massive investment in AI right now and a broad consensus that the capabilities of AI will improve exponentially in a very short timeframe. As we speak there are many companies with working solutions for call centers. Also, it is best not to think in absolutes: AI can field most calls and escalate calls as needed so while it may not replace humans altogether in the short run it can drastically reduce the number of humans required to run a call center and it can do that today.

  • SIRI is an Attestment

    Well, as we know; Apple's Siri has come a long way since here original release with iOS6 and the iPhone 4S. We would like to believe that robots could never have emotions, but they don't need to as they can simply imitate them. Ultimately Corporations will strive to do what gives them the most profit also coupled with the fact that; if a certain business makes the AI the new trend others will follow. They'll simply push it down the customers throats, but then, why not move to another company? Because they'd all be doing the same thing as the masses longing for a human will continue to diminish. The fact that robots would improve the bottom line, and reduce costs, a technician team of 5 being paid 100,000 to manage 200 robots is a lot better than paying 200 individuals 12,000 and bonus incentives to insure that their work is top notch. It's really a shame. Why I would love to keep human employees there are little to know benefit with them. Especially since I, along with a lot of society, handle most things online anyways.

  • The trend to automation of low value add transactions is inevitable

    Purely for profit. Consider history - once we all expected a meal, a drink and a comfy seat on an airline. Now we accept very low levels of service in exchange for a cheap ticket. Automatic teller machines instead of tellers, robots building cars, self drive cars, robots performing surgery - are all things in place and accepted. This shift is inevitable.

  • Yes, it is possible

    They might develop A.I. with a potential of replacing humans with low qualification. People who work in call centers are basically like robots with abstract motion. They have very low qualifications. Their work is to talk to people and respond to them by feeding their queries into a computer and replying with what the comp says. This can be easily done with the help of a robot. As far as resolving errors is concern, one or two humans can be appointed. Also A.I have no emotions, and hence they are not affected by the consumer's rudeness. They will be accurate in there response.

    Achieving this wouldn't be that hard. It would be like a more complex version of SIRI. Eventually these bots will come to action. Due to this, the labour charges will also reduce. And hence things will get slightly cheaper. So, therefore this is possible and the world will get better as it takes place.

    From : www.Teckguide.Co.Nr

  • AI will do all human jobs but art eventually

    It may be 20 years, it may be 100 years, but eventually, if we don't destroy our world first, AI will replace all call centers and eliminate those jobs. At some point, writing and art may be done by AI, but that will be last. All other things will eventually be done by AI and robots (possibly organic robots, but then we will be creating life) and humans can hopefully be left to enjoying their lives and providing service to other humans or creating art. If we don't destroy ourselves first, eventually AI will be virtually indistinguishable from NI (natural intelligence) and will even be able to write and produce art that is appealing to NI organisms.

  • Its almost here.

    Super computer brains have already outperformed humans in Chess, on Jeopardy and in medical diagnostic experiments. They have already been shown to have better diagnostic skills and come to conclusions much faster than even well trained humans. The only thing keeping them from becoming common place now is that they are not yet affordable for most companies.

  • Someday We Will Eliminate The Need For Human Labor

    Eventually we will be able to program well enough to eliminate the need for human labor entirely.

  • Probably.

    It's not like human representatives seem to be any good anyway.

  • I agree

    i think robots will take over for people

  • Artificial intelligence/robots will never eliminate company call centers with human representatives, because humans will always provide personalized services that robots cannot.

    Humans look for answers, commitment and attention. This is not always possible from robots answering for call centers. When matters call for specific answers or attention to details, robots simply cannot offer the support and satisfaction that a human representative can. Robots answering services are fine for simple task, but when it comes to specific individualized service, nothing can ever replace human representatives.

    Posted by: danielleduce
  • Artificial intelligence/robots will never eliminate company call centers because there will always been some things that need to be handled by a person, such as a errors.

    Computers and robots may be getting more advanced, but there will always be cases where someone needs to talk to a person. There may be emergencies, computer glitches, and personal situations that a computer can not interpret. Companies may save a lot of money using computers, but they will lose customers if they can not get to an actual human person when necessary.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • There will be a balanced approach

    It will be a mix of AI agents and Human Agent approach for cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Maybe some types of calls may be redirected to AI agents but not all, as AI is not that advanced enough to completely replicate human intelligence, emotion etc. That is the main reason I believe.

  • Emotions can not be baked on to a silicon waver, and as much as we may dislike admitting it, call centers are also "emotion centers"

    Nonetheless, people more often than not, given the option, would rather speak to a human than a machine. Machines are at our finger tips at all times now with the huge uptake of handheld phones, in reality, computers that talk to us, answer our mundane questions, and take pictures. I believe people will chose to speak Betty rather than Watson.

  • No doubt, technology is increasing day-by-day, but it will not replace a human being with a robot.

    No way; in my opinion, science will never replace a human being. There will always be a moment when a person needs to talk to a human. Robots will always have something missing in them which could cause errors or problems. The robots will never be able to pretend like a human being; there will always be something different!

  • While I disagree that AI/robots will eliminate call centers, it is more a hope, than a true belief.

    I sure hope that AI doesn't take over all forms of human interaction, especially at call centers. Sometimes, you just need a human to speak with about an issue, and it would be especially hopeless if AI was the only option at a call center. The way they have it set up now, with partial AI and partial human contact, is the way to go.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • AI/robots will never replace company call centers with human representatives, because people want person to person contact.

    AI/robots will never replace company call centers with human representatives, because people want person to person contact. Even the offshore call centers do not work well, because English speaking foreigners do not understand American idioms. The IBM computer, Watson, which won the Jeopardy challenge, made mistakes. When asked "which American city has the largest blah, blah, blah?", Watson answered, "Toronto". At this point, AI and robots are just not sophisticated enough to be practical in a company call center.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Artificial intelligence will never full replace human representatives, as customers prefer humans, and companies will oblige in order to keep customers happy.

    Artificial intelligence may increasingly serve customer service needs, but they will never fully replace human representatives. This is because most customers prefer humans and, therefore, companies will continue to have human representatives in order to keep customers happy. Not all companies will do this, but premium ones will, meaning human reps will never be fully eliminated.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Artificial intelligence will not eventually eliminate company call centers, because callers want to talk to a human being.

    When a human is calling into a call center, they are wanting to talk to a human about an issue they are having with the company. Having a human listen to the issue makes the issue easier to resolve. Artificial intelligence on the phone makes the customer feel that they are not important to the company and, thus, they are less likely to be loyal to that company than if a human addresses their issue.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • Artificial intelligence is amazing; however, it only goes so far.

    Although I do recognize the advancement of businesses through artificial intelligence, I don't believe that it will eliminate the need for human representatives. Robots or computers are programmed by humans, therefore, they cannot do everything that a human does. If a customer needs a specific question answered and it is only dealing with artificial intelligence, the customer might only get a general answer. This may not be helpful to the customer at all. This is why humans will always need to be on the other end of the phone. The bottom line is, most of us aren't specific enough in instructing others of our needs. Therefore, since we are too vague, a computer would have a difficult time understanding our needs. Look how difficult it can be to try to get a search engine to understand what we are searching for.

    Posted by: CleanJoey
  • Human call centers will not be replaced by artificial intelligence, because of human idiosyncrasies in language and thought.

    Although artificial intelligence can simulate text conversation in Internet chat rooms, it will be very difficult to replace human interaction for telephone support. Language is more than just words, and it would be difficult for computers to simulate vocal tone and sarcasm. But the real problem would start once someone realizes they are talking to a computer. Humans are social beings, and replacing one-half of a conversation with computer support would be a poor business strategy. For example, I go out of my way to avoid automated support when placing telephone orders in order to speak to a live operator. And I think many would switch to a different company, just to avoid the computer system.

    Posted by: InfamousTad73

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