Will artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence?

  • AI V's Human Intelligence

    Yes, In my views AI can surpass human intelligence. However, With the increasing power of computers and other technologies, It might eventually be possible to build a significantly more intelligent machine than humans. It is speculated that over many iterations, Such an AI would far surpass human cognitive abilities. Because we every day see that machines are replacing human activities like in Factories, In Home.

  • Yes it will

    The software where machines can learn by themselves has been improving. People make fun of a AI calling a cat a dog or mistaking a cup with something else but they are always improving and learning from their mistakes.
    By 2040 or 2050 the machines will surpass human brains. They will be able to think better than human and unlike humans be able to take full control of their thoughts and actions.
    People have proposed the 3 robot laws to protect humans but how can you protect yourself about something that is smarter than you.
    What if the robot learns that it can disobey and do whatever it wants? For example the law says you have to drive under 65. Humans can disobey the law. AI robots can disobey too.

    It can happen. Some crazy foolish scientist would want an AI to be free to be able to feel love and would create a machine that would not be restricted by humans. There are foolish scientists that make weapons of mass destruction and harmful stuff why won't someone invent an evil AI to destroy a country or something.

  • The race among humans and machines, Who will win?

    Is it possible that machines will win in this race and surpass human intelligence?
    With the increasing technology, It might eventually be possible to build a significantly more intelligent machine than humans. Such an AI would far surpass human cognitive abilities because everyday machines are replacing human activities like in Factories where robots have taken the job done by humans.
    From the 1980's to today, We have seen a lot of development in terms of technology; many things have changed these past years and many more to come. Development at this rate, There will be a possibility in the advancement of AI. Still, Surpassing the human mind, We have to slightly disagree about that because most of the AI working at this time needs human interaction to perform a particular task like, E. G. , Google uses AI technology to compare the search results with billions of webpages available in the web with a minimum amount of time. However, There are still possibilities for it to be compromised to give accurate results with complex searches. So, Human interaction will always be required for AI to work. Even AI is improvising itself everyday and learning from its mistakes, But there will always be more to learn. Machine indeed completes tasks faster than humans in terms of minute measurements or complex calculations to be made. In some areas where it takes a human to complete calculations in hours, A machine can do it in few seconds. So, With AI, It's been easier to work and develop things; however, It needs human intelligence for input, And this is how it is supposed to be to work precisely with humans and machines.
    With the help of AI, Machines can work faster than the humans
    so as error comparison between human and machine, There are more chances for the machine to win.
    So, Looking at all these results, We say that there are many places where AI succeeded, And there are many where it failed to achieve its desired goals. However, In terms of surpassing the human race, It can be possible, Or it cannot be, It's only the time that will tell us.

  • I think no

    The debate is going on in the market regarding AI vs human intelligence. The digitalization, Robots, Is an achievement of AI and imitates human intelligence more closely, However, Human brains are more capable and machines are still beyond what humans think. Machines may simulate human behavior but while making rational decisions they fall behind. They lack common sense therefore the real-world needs a human approach.
    Although AI pampers with mind-blowing, Innovative technology, At some point the I is failed and raising the question of I being part of human lives. For example:
    AI-enabled facial recognition tools became biased means people wrongly identified as potential criminals.
    The autonomous Uber self-driven car killed a pedestrian.
    Robot Dog Meets Fatal Ending
    IBM’s Watson supercomputer fails in cancer treatments.

  • No I don't think this will happen

    Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines or computers to do tasks that require and involve human intelligence. We have been using AI for long, But we don’t even know the impacts it already has on us.

    Whenever we are doing a simple google search, Google uses artificial intelligence to procure and show results.

    Even when we are typing in Google’s search box, We are using AI, Which collects data from all over the world so as to predict what we are going to typing next.

    Though there has been lots of development in artificial intelligence, There is a long way to go before we can even think that it may have the intelligence level to think and make decisions like us.

    Microsoft’s AI chatbot Tay was released on Twitter, And it was able to reply and have a conversation with people. As people began talking more, It could develop in having and holding conversations better. But people began tweeting Tay with anti-semantic and racist tweets. What happened then?

    Tay began putting out racist and misogynistic tweets. Microsoft did try to clean up the software, But ultimately it didn’t work, And they shut it down just 16 hours after they launched it.

    IBM’s “Watson for Oncology” was an AI that was trained to give out cancer treatment recommendations. It was making huge and dangerous errors. In one case, It suggested doctors give a cancer patient who had severe bleeding a drug that increases the bleeding.

    They had to shut it down after investing 62 million dollars in it. The main reason later found out was that the technicians trained the AI on a small number of hypothetical patients rather than real patients.

    Facebook’s AI is also a self-driven platform where companies and brands purchase ads to reach their message to people across Facebook.

    In one instance though, A news organization found out that the AI could target specific people who hated Jews and suggest them anti-jewish ads. It gave out ads like “how to burn jews” or “Why jews ruin the world. ”

    Artificial intelligence often sometimes fails not due to technical problems but due to a lack of social awareness or interest. Sure, If we develop AIs more efficiently, They can be better used. They could become better at doing tasks and can even be used to replace humans in many jobs.

    A lot of companies use focus groups and surveys to understand how people behave and feel. But I don’t think AIs can ever understand humans or behave like humans even if they are trained by a vast amount of human data.

    They lack basic things like the ability to think on their own, And they can’t understand emotions. I don’t think they can surpass human intelligence ever because even though AIs can become better, They lack emotional intelligence, Which is the one thing separating them from us.

  • The Big Bang of the "I"

    Those who champion AI, Often with a certain schizophrenia re: Philip K. Dick's vision or Asimov's self-aggrandizing "rules" (and yet, You have upstarts contradicting Einstein, What good little babies! You know, It really is a 180 world, En toto), Ignore the notion of "self-awareness", Or redefine it, Spin it. The fact is, Infusion of cold data, No matter length and breadth and depth of memory, Is still cold data, And that's it. Careful prompts as ordered, Mean nothing. I recently scrapped a mms of a story I had mostly finished, In which two scientists prove the theory that AI can be made to destroy itself, Simply through data feed on one level combined with lies (usually of omission) on the other. Without Self at every depth, Including a fully operational "secondary behavioral" understanding--NOT the "I grasp" of Cold Data! --there exists no Self. Pinocchio cannot become a real boy because is not one, A priori. That which is itself, Is only itself. The watershed of this reality, Something hardwired to the motherboards of Earth and Man, Is something the children of 20 and 30 and going on 40, Find very very very troubling. But your escapist media and entertainment, Didn't make the world. . . And no, No sermon, Here. Just that Helen Keller's life-evolving epiphany of "Water", Cannot exist for that cyber, That mechanoid, That thing you'll dress up as a person. It knows, But without epiphany. Therefore, It merely knows, So does not know. The "knowing", Is inert, So doesn't 'do' anything.

    As for surpassing? If you know enough to NOT stand in front of an oncoming vehicle, You know enough to thwart AI. And you don't have to be a friend of Danny Ocean's, Or in with The Lone Gunmen, To do it. "Surpass", In the end, Means "control". As long as the "it" is the It and You are not, It hasn't surpassed you. But for you mindless who suckle at the silly stories become theories, Keep dreamin'. I know you need to Think something will kill your bully.

  • No it won't.

    If you think about it, Artificial intelligence is created by humans. Though artifical intelligence can be programmed to do calculations and certain things that us humans cannot do, There are numerous aspects of a human that cannot simply be recreated. Emotions is a prominent example of this. Emotional intelligence of humans surpasses that of many other animals. To understand one's emotions is a function of the human body that cannot easily be replicated to artifical intelligence. Clearly there are various gaps that artificial intelligence will never fill to surpass human intelligence.

  • No, I think

    Humans will stop before AI has gone out of control and before it has become too late to turn back. AI can prove very useful in many areasn but can also become dangerous if we don't impose limits. You can see many examples of the downward slide toward extremely powerful AI in many dysopias, Like the ones we can witness in the tv series "Black Mirror"

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Bring-Me-The-Popcorn says2020-06-01T23:48:47.590
Yeah probably
Wilh3lm says2020-06-02T17:12:42.437
Maybe, But they will never surpass human stupidity.

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